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Placing weighing stations at the toll station will control the means of overloading, reduced funding, force and time for the relevant authorities

The reduction in transport costs can not just rely on the policy, the state, and his self to improve port operations, loading capacity, development of human resources ...

Before a series of free trade agreements (FTAs) have been and will be signed, the domestic logistics enterprises to seek capacity building, infrastructure, investment, new service ...

ASEAN economic agreements + 6 will soon realize you have stepped through the 8th round of talks Earlier, ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and the effective date of preparation of this year, opening up prospects the merchandise trade in Southeast Asia.

Although deployment was 3PL, Bui Tuan Ngoc president of Transimex still assess Vietnam now only engaged in the primary logistics.

Currently, enterprises Logistics of Vietnam only meet 25% of market demand.

The Prime Minister has approved a development planning system and logistics centers in the whole country by 2020, driven by 2030.

Since joining the WTO, Vietnam's logistics industry has begun to progress rapidly, especially in the number of new businesses established.

Results from the 2015 survey by the Vietnam Supply Chain Logistics conducted with 100 representatives from the logistics department of enterprises (companies) operating in Vietnam showed that the majority of businesses have logistics costs / revenue accounts for between 5% to over 10%. This is one of the potential sectors but sadly not in the hands of domestic enterprises.

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