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Hotline: 0985 588 171
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Air Freight

I/ Airfreight partner

A freight forwarder, not a master coloader

As a Viet Nam Company. To be able to well response to the clients's need, we are in alliance with almost all of the airlines operating in Vietnam market such as Singapore Airlines, China Airlines, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Korean Airlines, Hongkong Airlines, Viet Nam Airlines, Anna Cargo Airlines, Vector Group... This enable us to ensure our space capacity and service stability all year round.

We define ourselves as a freight forwarder or a logsitics company, not a master coloader. And we provide service of below airlines:

  1. Singapore Airlines : mostly with cargo to Usa, Europe and Singapore
  2. Japan Airlines : full service
  3. Cathay Pacific : full service
  4. China Airlines : full service
  5. Korean Air : full service

II/ Airfreight service

We do not serve everything or every lanes, we beleive we can only provide best service to the client with our long-term built lanes and products. Below are our products:

For Export Shipment

  1. Airfreight ex Hochiminh to Singapore
  2. Airfreight ex Hochiminh to Nepal
  3. Airfreight consolidation service ex Hochiminh / Hanoi to London
  4. Airfreight consolidation service ex Hochiminh / Hanoi to Frankfurt
  5. Airfreight consolidation service ex Hochiminh / Hanoi to Los Angeles
  6. Airfreight consolidation service ex Hochiminh / Hanoi to New York
  7. Airfreight consolidation service ex Hochiminh / Hanoi to Chicago

For Import Shipment

  1. Airfreight Imp from LAX, ORD, JFK, PDX…. to SGN/ HAN
  2.  Airfreight Imp from MXP, STR, DUS, FRA, LHR, WAW, CDG… to SGN/ HAN
  3. Airfreight Imp from KHH, TPE, PVG, SHA, SIN,… to SGN / HAN

For more information, pls go to our Products tab in this website. Thank you!

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