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Place the weighing stations at toll booths to strangle overloaded vehicles

Placing weighing stations at the toll station will control the means of overloading, reduced funding, force and time for the relevant authorities.

In Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces now have 40 toll stations. Particularly in HCM City in the future will have more than 10 toll stations. It is important for all gateway to the city and major roads with participation of vehicles are already crowded traffic toll station "defense plan".

Hard to avoid

In recent years, although the Ministry of Transport (MOT) has defined load tightening means but the means still more, make great routes, particularly the port area as far concentrated Hanoi Highway, Highway 1 ... rapid deterioration, affecting traffic safety.

Cân tự động được lắp đặt dưới nền đường trước trạm thu phí Long Phước (quận 9, TP HCM) Ảnh: HOÀNG TRIỀU
Meanwhile, according to transportation experts, if the current set of weighing stations will lead to force costly and prone to cause negative; also set weighing stations at toll stations will be very convenient. Specifically, if at motorway toll booths Hanoi (District 9 and Thu Duc) with weighing station, the vehicle when traffic direction from the provinces of Dong Nai, Binh Duong in Ho Chi Minh City and vice versa will be controlled load in. As means of transporting goods from the northwest province of Tay Ninh; the Hoc Mon, Cu Chi (HCMC) must pass the weighing station is located at the toll booth on Highway 22, An Suong - An Lac. City West will have high-speed toll booths HCMC - Trung Luong Highway 1; toll booths on Nguyen Van Linh and Vo Van Kiet ... That's not to mention that in 2016, the city will build additional 4 charging station, the merchandise from the port of Phu Huu, Cat Lai, Phuoc Long. .. would be strictly controlled. Additionally, the goods from the port of Tan Thuan, Nha Be, Ben Nghe ... will be controlled by weighing stations at toll plazas located on Nguyen Van Linh - Nguyen Huu Tho. Plus the arterial roads leading into and out TP 9 toll booths are scattered on Highway 1K, 13, 51; the highway HCMC - Trung Luong Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay. Thus, the density of the dense charging station, ensure the vehicle will be controlled tonnage an easier way.

As representatives of HCMC Transport Association, the weighing station located at the toll station is optimal plan because it controls the media in all routes. Therefore, the association fully supported and that should be soon implemented.

A fine cold or unloading in place?

Colonel Tran Thanh Tra, head of Road Traffic Police Department - Railways (PC67) - Police in HCM City, said that to curb vehicle overloading, over time, the Ministry of Transport have worked and delivered to the port has primary responsibility in this issue. In addition, PC67 also regularly strengthen forces, in cooperation with the relevant authorities to limit overloaded vehicles. However, the means to equip Police, Traffic Inspectorate insufficient effectiveness is not high, not mentioning that many newly launched mobile scales were damaged. "To restrict the overloaded vehicles, PC67 has organized seminars on overloaded vehicles, put the mobile weighing stations on the main roads to detect and strictly handle. But this is not often done. So, if placed at the weighing station charging stations will limit the excess tonnage vehicles, saving time, force, "- he stressed Tea.

Meanwhile, according to Dr. Pham Sanh, traffic experts, this is a job requiring MOT must study and plan to sit down and discuss with investors charging station. Because if not sync will result in the media seek to evade this weight station to go the other weighing stations, resulting in unfair competition. "I think the Ministry of Transport has to resort to this but the important thing is never done alone" - Dr. Pham Sanh said.

As in many other traffic experts discovered the overloaded vehicles weighing stations by placing in the charging station is one thing, but handling it like, so cool or unloading penalty spot again is a fairly complex issue. It affects the profitability of the business, traffic order and safety. The transport business owners that currently, the majority of business owners have to strictly observe the regulations cargo. However, there are a small number of units, retail remains deliberately overloaded leading to unfair competition. Therefore, if the set weighing stations at toll booths, all means whether you want to "lubricate" is difficult because today, to finish a journey they must through many different charging station. "So organizations punish cool to avoid congestion at the toll station" - the owner of a transport enterprise of the proposal.

Army check out

According to the Vietnam Road Administration, the date 1-1-2016 will examine and handle cargo overload behavior, change size truck in the whole country. Vietnam Road Administration will coordinate with Vietnam Registry Department carried out on the road network and at the registration centers across the country by truck weight station fixed and mobile ..., especially local many vehicle violations.

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