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Bui Thien Thu: Capacity to reduce logistics costs

Ông Bùi Thiên Thu: Nâng cao năng lực để giảm chi phí logistics

The reduction in transport costs can not just rely on the policy, the state, and his self to improve port operations, loading capacity, development of human resources ...

This opinion was shared by Mr. Bui Thien Thu - Deputy Director of the Vietnam Maritime Vietnam Logistics Forum in 2nd with the theme "Promoting trade logistics and integration into global value chains" took place in 11/27/2014 day in the city. Ho Chi Minh.

According to research consultancy support services for the Ministry of Transport on the development of multimodal transport organization ALG consulting, logistics costs in Vietnam are relatively large 20%; and the cost of logistics Vietnam include transport costs account for about 60%, the cost of storage / handling accounts for about 32%. The question that how to reduce the cost on?

Currently Vietnam logistics sector have 3 main shortcomings: (i) Transport, Infrastructure; (Ii) Information Technology; (Iii) Competitiveness.

Bui Thien Thu said the Vietnam Maritime Administration has actively researching solutions to improve capacity, market freight import and export of sea transport enterprises in Vietnam. Which emphasizes infrastructure solutions Transportation:

(I) Investment and Development of Transport infrastructure synchronization, ensuring connectivity, facilitate the development of logistics services;

(Ii) Development of port infrastructure, construction of roads connecting to the port;

(Iii) Development of road network with the corridor to say, the economic belt in line with the development plan has been approved;

(Iv) Rehabilitation and upgrading of lanes, ports and inland waterway ports consistent with the planning; (V) The development of the railway system connecting the national port system, particularly connected with ports in Hai Phong and Ba Ria - Vung Tau;

(Vi) Improving the system of airports in major metropolitan areas.

Bui Thien Thu said that the increased competitiveness for enterprises as a solution to help reduce transportation costs, logistics costs. The reduction in transport costs can not just rely on the policy, the state, and his self to improve port operations, loading capacity, developing human resources to meet the requirements of development ...

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